Seminole Title Company
This sleek design of greens and grays helps to accent the plethora of information presented to a variety of audiences.

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Hearning Aid Tools
A professional look with grey and maroon to present Minnisota based BNI's new hearing aid tools for wholesalers

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JK Flowers
This site is a very warm look for JK Flowers located in Bellair Bluffs, Fl and includes a shopping cart with product rotation modules.

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Original Diaper Pail
This design is a mobile friendly site for the eco-friendly plastic Original Diaper Pail manufactured for wholesale diaper services.

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Melissa A Kennedy
This site includes fiesty pink and gray colors that create a fun and professional personal website for Melissa Kennedy in California.

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Sackett Plumbing
A clean mixture of green and purple with light blue accents represent Sackett Plumbing of Fort Myers, FL

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This website design brings together playful colors for the technology friendly female targeted audiance of the World!

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This design accomplished a professional look for recruiting agents for Broker Chuck Ottley of Sellstate Dominion Realty.

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This site has a light and easy-to-read style due to it's largely over 50 audience and has a playful and informative feel.

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Song Writing Bootcamp
This site has a modified camouflage look for Deedee O'Malley's unique and effective song writing seminars.

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AAble 2 Stowit - Gary Storage Truck Rental

This site was a new design for a new storage and truck rental company. We went with a very bright and friendly look to increase consumer confidence. 

Project Includ...

Started: 12 December 2011
Finished: 19 December 2011

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Angel Wraps Accessories

Angel Wraps Accessories specialized in hand-made scarves and accessories. This was a basic e-commerce website which utilized a free ZenCart shopping cart with a modified design....

Started: 21 August 2006
Finished: 03 September 2006

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Angie Sells C21

Angie Sells C21 was the first site Eclipse Web Management created for Angie Morris who is now a Keller Williams realtor in Seminole, Florida. She has been a top agent in the are...

Started: 01 October 2004
Finished: 01 November 2004

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Angies Team Sells

This is the second website that Eclipse Web Management built for Realtor Angie Morris when she transferred from Century 21 to Keller Williams. 

Project Included: HTML,...
Started: 24 January 2005
Finished: 13 February 2005

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Animal Art by Sandy was a website designed for Sandy Polsky who is a watercolor artist. The website was implemented using Joomla 1.0 originally and was updated to 1.5 ...

Started: 02 March 2006
Finished: 02 April 2006

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This site was a remake of a very old website. We used Joomla so that the owners may add an easy blog in the future. This project was designed as a sub-contractor of Buzzazz.

Started: 01 December 2011
Finished: 14 December 2011

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Bay Area Sport Karate

This site was designed and maintained for a professional martial arts competition circuit in California. The site was hosted by Eclipse Web Management until the organization was...

Started: 14 June 2005
Finished: 29 July 2005

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Beach Ceremonies By Jules

Beach Ceremonies By Jules was designed for Julie McCullough who is the most amazing beach wedding coordinator! Her artful and beautiful designs along with her dynamic ability to...

Started: 21 August 2006
Finished: 03 September 2006

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Beth Evans Realtor

This was an updated design from the original HTML website Eclipse designed in 2006.

Project Included: HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL Database 
Started: 04 January 2012
Finished: 10 January 2012

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Biz Funds Connection

This is a second site designed for Andrew Lockwood in WordPress and included a custom post-it note popup.

Project Included: HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL Dat...

Started: 23 December 2009
Finished: 07 January 2010

Click the image to zoom! was created for a south Florida independently owned condo rental.

Project Included: HTML, CSS
Started: 01 March 2006
Finished: 03 April 2006

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Business Women of Today

Business Women of Today is a small networking group in Pinellas County, Florida for women who own businesses or are professionals. This site was first created in 2006 and is mai...

Started: 02 March 2006
Finished: 31 July 2007

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Busy Woman Magazine

Busy Women Magazine was created by Phil Hobby and was managed by Sonia Hobby which was an inspirational referal of women owned business throughout Pinellas County. 

Started: 29 November 2005
Finished: 05 December 2005

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Cabooses Goodies

Cabooses Goodies was the commercial site for jewelry design Ronna Waters. She created incredibly beautiful crystal earrings, necklaces, and hair accessories. Eclipse included a ...

Started: 20 November 2006
Finished: 06 December 2006

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Citrus Park Soapworks

Citrus Park Soapworks was one of the first ecommerce sites that Eclipse Web Management designed and developed. Eclipse also provided all the photography services and created an ...

Started: 03 July 2003
Finished: 04 August 2003

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Continental America Title

Continental America Title was a title company located in St. Petersburg, Florida. Eclipse Web Management designed and hosted their website for the duration of it's existance. Ec...

Started: 02 March 2007
Finished: 15 May 2007

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Craig Spinal Care

This website was designed for Dr. David Craig, a chiropractor located in Oviedo, Florida. We utilized Joomla so that Dr. Craig's staff could update the site easily. The website ...

Started: 02 October 2008
Finished: 28 November 2008

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Deloach & Hofstra

Deloach & Hostra P.A. is located in Largo, Florida and specializes in real estate and elder law. Eclipse Web Management created their second website and hosted it for 4 year...

Started: 27 June 2006
Finished: 12 July 2006

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Effective Technical Group Inc.

This site is a Joomla implementation.

Project Included: HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL Database 

Visit Them Online: [ Read more ]

Started: 23 March 2010
Finished: 15 April 2010

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Field Forensics

Field Forensics manufactures and sells direct to investigative teams the plastics and paper supplies they use while conducting crime scene investigations. 

Project Inc...
Started: 20 September 2004
Finished: 03 November 2004

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